Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lola and the boy next door review ♥

Hi everyone! Just finished "Lola and the boy next door" & I really enjoyed reading it, it was a very cute & quick read. I recommend it to all you contemporary - genre lovers out there, you'll ultimately find yourself caught in this book. I, myself, really found this book very interesting because it's a combination of cute romance, family and friendship. & its not one of those really corny kind of romance books - although it may sound "cheesy", its actually not. 

A quick overlook of this book ( spoiler - free )

A girl named, Lola , who doesn't believe in fashion but believes in costume. She believes that the more extravagant the outfit is, the more interesting and more fun she looks. Lola's life is getting really great until the "bell twins" return to her neighborhood, which unravels her past - which she's trying so hard to forget. She spends time with cricket but will the nice & talented, cricket, fully come back to Lola's life?

Hands down to Stephanie Perkins, she's a genius 
I also recommend her other book, Anna and the french kiss 

Thank you for reading this, comment below your thoughts about this book 

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